Check out these chicken facts

  • Georgia has 105 counties producing more than $1 million of poultry at farm level.

    Source: The New Georgia Encyclopedia

  • There are 59 counties in Georgia with one or more poultry related operations.
  • Poultry’s annual contribution to Georgia’s economy from farms, processing, further processing and allied industries now exceeds $15.1 billion.
  • Georgia has 105 counties that each produces over $1 million worth of poultry annually.
  • On an average day Georgia produces: 26.3 million pounds of chicken meat, 7.6 million table eggs, and 5.7 million hatching eggs.
  • Since 1997 Georgia has been #1 in broiler production in the US.
    Chicken annual per capita consumption in the US is 87 lbs and the world is 24 lbs.
  • If Georgia were a country, it would be the fifth largest in broiler production.
  • The annual production from an average poultry farm could feed 6.3 million people a delicious chicken meal or more than 22,000 people for an entire year.

Source:  Georgia Poultry Laboratory Network

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