The Atlanta Crackers, the Atlanta Black Crackers, and Braves Baseball

Georgians have always loved baseball. Long before the Braves, Ted Turner, or Turner Field arrived, Atlanta was home to several minor league teams. The Negro Southern League included teams called the Deppens, the Atlanta Cubs, and the Atlanta Black Crackers until baseball became desegregated in 1947, signaling the end of the Atlanta Black Cracker team.

During this time, Atlanta was also home to all white teams called the Firecrackers, and the Crackers. The Crackers were very successful and won more league games than any other minor league team from 1901 to 1965. During most of their years as Atlanta’s team, they played at the old Ponce de Leon Ballpark in northeast Atlanta.

The Braves made Atlanta their home in 1966 and played their first games at the Atlanta Stadium, later to become the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium in 1975. Unlike their minor league predecessors, the Braves suffered from 26 years of losing seasons until their first Atlanta World Series win in 1991.

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