SS8H10 c.- Ellis Arnall (1907-1992)

“Photograph of Ellis Arnall making a campaign speech during his run for Georgia governor in 1942. He stands at a podium and speaks into television microphones from several stations including WGST. Arnall’s four years as governor of Georgia (1943-47) are considered to be among the most progressive and effective in the modern history of the state. Arnall undertook an ambitious ten-point reform program that was approved by the legislature within twenty-four days of his assuming the governorship; this record is still unequaled in Georgia. He accomplished these and other democratic reforms and, in the process, paid off a state debt of $36 million.”  Source: Digital Library of Georgia

Ellis Arnall Campaign speech in 1945

Ellis Arnall youngest Governor of Georgia

Ellis Arnall Governor of Georgia from 1943-1947.

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