Oral Interview

Excerpt below from Digital Library of Georgia:  Governor Arnall’s Atlanta office on May 29, 1986, interview conducted by Dr. Mel Steely and Ted Fitz-Simons.”

“Arnall begins the interview by discussing his educational background, explaining why he did not initially graduate from high school. However, he was allowed to attend Mercer University for a short time, later finishing his AB degree at Suwannee South University. Arnall then describes his perspective on the Two (sometimes known as Three) Governor Crisis of 1947. He discusses some of his ideas behind his campaigns and then begins talking about his law career and his involvement in the life insurance business as well as the motion picture business. He discusses the need for criteria that should be updated among the United Nations, as well as his reactions to the integrations of Georgia’s schools. In the interview’s conclusion, Arnall states that he is most proud of becoming the nation’s youngest governor and the state’s youngest attorney general– that he had the ability to be the right person to make significant changes at such a young age.”

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